Testimonials from tow411.net

(Oct. 2009 from tow411.net) We have a DeWalt 25/40 on a mack cabover. I love the thing. It's built well. Structurally it's a strong unit. As I've said before Don Walters is a true gentlemen. He made good strong units and I feel blessed to have gotten this one when I first broke into the Heavy Duty market. Lets put it this way, I liked it enough to build a 30 ton boom from scratch to add to that truck based on the strength of that underlift. The gentleman I bought the truck was from upstate N.Y. and his words to me were "you will not be disappointed with this unit". Well he was right. Thanks Al.

We own a 25 ton Dewalt underlift. It was our first HD underlift and it is a good and stout unit that has been trouble free , and I'm happy that we bought it. We call Don Walters with any of our needs and he as always been able to help. He also has taken time to answer questions and offer suggestions and guidance related to heavy duty towing equipment and the industry as a whole. A true gentleman, and extremely knowledgeable.
Joe Z, Owner of Shoreline Towing located in Eastern Long Island, New York

We had a t-800 tri axle 50 ton stick boom DeWalt. That thing was a ox. I loved that truck. We sold it about a month ago to a guy in Chicago. Our first big heavy wrecker. We used to do some amazing things with that truck. I liked using the boom controls, they were like joy sticks. Took a while to get used to them. But it was awesome. The wheel lift was pretty strong. I would definately look at that truck. We had it for 15 Years. Perfect truck.
J Trgo, Interstate Towing, Hudson, Ohio